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Free Delivery at Rs.3500
Jada Toys in Pakistan

Jada Toys

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Get imported Jada Toys Online in Pakistan at Best Prices. Find the fantastic Jada diecast remote control and simple metal body cars for kids, and This collection comes with high quality and remarkable features. This collection contains the Wrangler Jada Diecast Jeep, 1951 Chevy Fleet-line, Subaru Impreza WRX, Ford F-150 Raptor,  Subaru WRX STI F&F, DC Comics, Corvette, Jadda RC Muscle Car, Jadda Fast and Furious 2009, Chevy Jada Die-Cast car, and many more. You have to pick your favorite car, and we will rest assure the delivery at your doorstep all over Pakistan.