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Collection: Buy Johnson's Baby Products Online in Pakistan

Johnson is a famous brand of baby products that always takes care of babies' needs and requirements. They know the needs of the baby's skin, hair, and eyes. So, people trust baby products by johnsons. In our store, we have a variety of collections. It includes Johnson's baby milk soap, Johnson’s baby petroleum jelly, Johnson’s baby bath, Johnson’s baby soft lotion, Johnson's baby shampoo, and many more. You can easily buy Johnson’s baby products online in Pakistan from Khanaan - an online trusted store related to Kids' stuff.  You can get all these products at a discounted price. We assure 100% original Johnson’s baby care products delivery online in Pakistan.

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Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Powder 100g


Sale price Rs.225.00


34% OFF

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Powder 200g


Sale price Rs.399.00


26% OFF

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Powder 500Gm


Sale price Rs.499.00


21% OFF