Early Learnig

Why Toys are Important in Childhood Development

According to a research the toys for development of children is most important thing. Children start learning from their early age ,like from 1 month of age. Through toys children learn to solve problems , to handle the conflict carefully .They also learn to share ,to help and many other compulsory things which help them in future.

At early age of a child the mind growth is at peak .So learning skills are also at high node .That is why to provide a proper direction to learn the proper skills ,development toys are important. Following are some points which motivate parents to provide toys to their children.

  • Hand Eye Coordination :  Hand Eye Coordination of children will improve with time by playing with toys The sensory organs of children will work more effectively than before .They will learn cause effect with toys .They will learn that if we do this the effect would be this .  
  • Development of Recognition Skills : As child grow ,the recognition skills of a child also develop with time .They learn things and recognize the different shapes and voices .Parents should provide toys like animal toys ,numbering toys and alphabetical related toys in growing age of a child
  • Cognitive Skills : Children would improve their cognitive skills with time by playing with toys .The physical play would train them and aware them to use different instruments with care and use the safety measures . Like wearing helmet for bicycle etc.